Policy analysis

One of the key objectives of HIWE is to study how international talents experience living, working and being an entrepreneur in Finland. For this purpose, we have conducted dozens of interviews among internationals from various backgrounds and industries, living in different parts of Finland. You can read their stories here.

In order to put this research knowledge to good use, we have also mapped the national policy measures that guide and offer services to internationals.

We have compared how the policies and services aimed at internationals manage to meet the challenges that many of them have faced in Finland, and we have identified the needs for further development.

Some of the results surprised us. Go to the materials to learn how and why!

Results of policy analysis

The video report below summarises how the analysis was done, and presents key findings of how national policies that regulate and provide services to international talents manage to meet the challenges many of them have faced in Finland.

Full policy analysis report

Read the full analysis in this document.

First page of HIWE's Policy Analysis document

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Check out our blog post on the policy analysis here: 23.11.2023: Policy measures on highly skilled internationals’ integration into Finnish society abound – but are they effective enough?