Kuopio ecosystem

In Kuopio, the city is responsible for the coordination of immigration services, with the Immigration Coordinator as its head. As a university city, services for international students also play an important role. 

Guidance for immigrants is tended by the multi-disciplinary, low-threshold employment service Navigaattori. A meeting place organised by Puijola Settlement, Kompassi, also organises counseling services for immigrants as well as support for education, employment, finances and various life changes. 

Regarding services for immigrants, the basic idea is that immigrants are part of the mainstream population, and they use the same services as other residents. Immigrants are thereby tended in various city services according to their life situations. However, support, guidance, and counseling are available in many languages, and the City of Kuopio employs several immigration advisors. 

There is also network for actors working with immigrants, which is coordinated by Pohjois-Savo’s ELY centre. Moreover, non-governmental organisations and voluntary work play an important role in promoting integration. 

Business Kuopio brings together services, expert help, and networks intended for the region’s companies. Various international ecosystems and clusters promote the internationalisation of companies, but they also open up employment opportunities for international talent. 

An important actor in the region is the university hospital KUH (KYS), whose international research infrastructure brings Talent from different parts of the world to the city. Other research institutes, such as the Natural Resources Institution Luke, Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea and the Technical Research Centre VTT, also offer opportunities for international talent. 

Kuopio’s universities (especially Savonia and the University of Eastern Finland) with their international students and networks are also important players in the ecosystem. Universities are involved in enabling many key activities from the point of view of international talent. These include, for example, North Savo Talent Hub, Business Center Pohjois-Savo and DigicenterNS