Would you like to share your story?

Would you like to share your story?

We at the HIWE-project want to contribute to making Finland an attractive country for highly skilled internationals to work and live in. For this purpose, we want to hear it from the highly skilled internationals themselves how they have experienced working and living Finland. Thus, we are now looking for people for interviews.

The interviews are crucial for hearing the opinions and perspectives of internationals and identifying the ways how various organizations and people in Finland can support them better.  The interviews will be used in later stages of the project to analyse gaps between current policies supporting internationals in Finland and people’s experiences, challenges and needs.

We will interview in total 60 to 75 individuals. The interviews focus on the person’s story and experiences of working and living in Finland. The interview process will finish in January, 2023.

We are looking for different kinds of highly skilled internationals for interviews

We are looking for highly skilled people who have at least a bachelor level education or have otherwise developed high competencies. Interviewees should preferably have at least some experiences of working or being an entrepreneur in Finland. We are looking for

  • Internationals who are currently living and working in Finland. 
  • Internationals who have lived and worked in Finland but have left. 
  • Finns who have lived and worked abroad and have come back to Finland. 

We are looking for people from four fields:

  • International business and international retailing
  • Engineering and ICT
  • Health and pharma
  • Tourism and hospitality

Do you recognize yourself from these descriptions or do you know someone else who would like to share their story with us? Please contact project manager Tiina Rättilä (tiina.rattila(at)uef.fi).

Highly skilled internationals: bottom-up insights into policy innovation for work and entrepreneurship in Finland (HIWE) research project investigates the experiences of diverse groups of highly skilled internationals across industries. We analyze how the ecosystem supporting internationals’ work, innovation and entrepreneurship activities and the existing policies respond to the identified needs of the highly skilled internationals. We use these findings and engage multiple stakeholders to develop more collaborative policymaking. We want to find new ways to ensure that highly skilled internationals’ voices are heard in policy- and decision-making that regards them. 

The project is funded by Business Finland and implemented by University of Eastern Finland and University of Turku.